Hand Crafted Sailing Experiences..
What we are not
We are not a cruise ship with an inflexible and regimented schedule. Nor are we an airline that simply moves you from place to place.

What we are
We listen to your desires and craft an experience that combines elements of sailing a private catamaran, visiting marine sanctuaries and bringing you to a foreign country while enjoying superb repasts.

Our Destinations
CUBA - Visit it before it changes!!! Crewed charters from Key West To Hemingway Marina, Cuba. We take care of the official paperwork, and then sail you to an amazing country. You will stay on Kia Ora while exploring Cuba on Day excursions. We also arrange for a day stop in the Marquesas for a day of snorkeling in this wildlife managment area. Here is a good article about sailing to Cuba!!

Florida Keys - Explore the Keys on our crewed charter while we prepare amazing meals for you. A maritime and culinary experience rolled into one!!

BVI's - There is nothing like spending a week in the BVI's!! This is the cruising area that defined what it is like to charter. All of the navigation is line of sight, each island is not more than a 2.4 hour sail. You can't have more fun than this!! I will be your personal Captain and Concierge on this ultimate destination.

                            Welcome to Kia Ora

     Thank you for considering Kia Ora for your sailing vacation. I have found that Kia Ora is a very capable sailing vessel, sailing well in light wind but still handling large ocean seas safely. We have outfitted her for cruising comfort by anticipating your every need, even before you know what those are!  The result is always an exceptional sailing experience.

We are a Colorado couple enjoying the typical Colorado lifestyle including outdoor activities such as skiing, biking and hiking.  We strive for a healthy lifestyle and value the extraordinary experiences that life has brought to us, be that the places we go, the fine foods that we eat or the friends we meet throughout these amazing journeys.

Together we create an amazing team to not only pamper you while you're staying onboard Kia Ora but to provide a safe and comfortable sailing experience. Come on down, bring your friends and family, stay 5 days or 2 weeks. <We are certain that you'll be creating memories to cherish for life! We are here to help you create memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Fair Winds and a following Sea.

Captain Scott Burkhardt