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When you fly in, either coming to Key West or the BVI's, finding well priced airfare can be a challenge. I ran across this article in Consumer Reports that will  assist you in getting the best priced airfare. Click here for the report.

Cuba Rates

We are based at Stock Island Marina about 5 minutes from the Key West Airport. Fly in/out of Key West or alternatively Miami and take the shuttle to Key West.

Our Captain and First Mate will bring to you an all inclusive package of the following:

      7 nights/8 days onboard Kia Ora. Three queen sized staterooms each with it's own private bathroom.
      Happy Hour upon arrival - we provide fine beverages for your pleasure.
      An day of snorkeling in the Marquesas on our way to Cuba.
      Participation in our sail to Cuba, across the Gulf Stream. Whales and dolphins will join us on our trip.
      Complete and healthy Breakfasts, Lunch's and Dinners while we are in transit.
      Satisfying Breakfasts while we are in Hemingway Marina.
      Three full days of tours while in Cuba.
      We will co-ordinate with the tour guides and operators to arrange the land tours of your desire while in Cuba
      Night Caps every night upon your return from the days tours in Cuba.
      All of the State Department and Coast Guard paperwork is filed and completed.
      Once you are there, why not stay longer? Additional days can be added up to the limit of the Cuban Visa. Ask for Details.

      $4500 per cabin$13,500 for the charter. You will be spending lots of close time with the other guests while sailing and on the day tours, so we suggest that you find friends to occupy all three cabins to share these special experiences with.

      $900/day for each extra day in Cuba.

When we enter Cuba, there is an additional $75 fee/person to file the Cuban Visa.

BVI's Rates

We will be your personal captain and concierge! Enjoy the security of a seasoned Captain who has sailed here for 30 years.

Well before the start of the charter, we will have extensive conversations about your meals, activities and desired destinations. From this I will create a detailed menu/provisioning list and sailing itinerary. During this pre-planning, we will also talk about special activities and tours that you wish to enjoy. We will talk about routing options for your flights into the charter destination. When the day of the charter arrives, I will arrive a day before you to inspect the charter boat and co-ordinate provisions, permits, regulations, provisions, day tours, scuba.

During the trip we will prepare all of ll the meals and co-ordinate activities.

Rates are $575/day plus expenses. All charters require a minimum of an 8 days. There is a 25% premium during Holiday season, which is a week either side of Turkey Day and Christmas.

Florida Keys Rates

We suggest that you book Kia Ora for a 7 day trip. I have found that it takes 7..8 days for one to finally become relaxed and disengaged from the demands of life. The minimum charter is 5 days.  During your charter we will prepare all breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Let us know what water toys you would like to have, or special occasions you want to celebrate!! Our goal is to make your sail with us a special memory!! 

Rates are $575/day plus expenses. A 25% premium applies during holiday weeks.

Call or Email for the latest rates and Availability.                          Click here for the current Charter Schedule
Capt. Scott Burkardt - 303-668-6787
Email: Scott@SailKiaOra.com